The AeroPress coffee generally yields a full-bodied and clean cup. Use 13g of fresh ground Milltown coffee beans per 200g (7oz) AeroPress. The grind should be finer than V60 pour over, medium-fine.

Supplies needed in addition to a bag of your favorite Milltown craft coffee:  pour kettle, gram scale, timer and burr grinder.

How to brew the best AeroPress coffee, from our house to yours:

  1. Place filter into AeroPress basket and pre-wet filter
  2. Lock basket into AeroPress and place onto sturdy vessel (we recommend a milk pitcher but a sturdy mug will work just fine)
  3. Pour freshly ground coffee into AeroPress and settle the coffee bed so it’s even
  4. Place entire vessel onto scale
  5. Quickly pour your 200g of 198-202 degree water into AeroPress chamber over your grounds and hit start on your timer
  6. Wet the tip of your plunger and set on top of the chamber to keep heat from escaping
  7. Carefully remove contraption off of the scale
  8. At 35 seconds, remove the plunger and gently stir the coffee bed for approximately 7-10 seconds
  9. Place the plunger back onto the AeroPress and slowly plunge down. Your plunge should take about 10 seconds.
  10. The total brew time should be approximately 1:00 minute (the added element of pressure speeds up the brew time with this method)
  11. Compost your coffee grounds
  12. Pour into the largest coffee mug you own and consume!

For a full list of brewing guides, visit thirty-thirty Coffee Co.’s website. Comment below with your favorite brew @ home tips!

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