The V60 Fretta iced coffee typically yields a very clean and flavorful iced coffee. Use 31g of fresh ground Milltown craft coffee beans per 453g (16oz) Fretta iced coffee. Use 250g ice and 250g water. The grind should be pretty fine, finer than Aero Press but not like Espresso.

Supplies needed in addition to a bag of your favorite Milltown craft coffee: pour kettle, gram scale, timer and burr grinder.

How to brew the best V60 Fretta iced coffee, from our house to yours:

  1. Place filter into V60 and pre-wet filter
  2. Pour your freshly ground coffee into V60 and settle
  3. Pour your 250g of ice into Fretta
  4. Put V60 onto Fretta and place entire contraption onto scale and tare
  5. Start timer and pour approximately 40g of 198-202 degree water onto grounds
  6. Let coffee bloom for 30 seconds
  7. Slowly pour in a circular, clockwise motion a small amount of water onto grounds and gently stir the coffee bed. Repeat this several times until you’ve poured your entire 250g of water onto coffee bed. Aim to finish your pour at approximately 1:55 minutes.
  8. At 2:30 seconds, stir the coffee bed once last time
  9. The coffee should finish brewing by 3:10 seconds
  10. Compost your coffee grounds
  11. Pour into drinking vessel, stir in any ice that didn’t melt and enjoy!

For a full list of brewing guides, visit thirty-thirty Coffee Co.’s website. Comment below with your favorite brew @ home tips!

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