The V60 pour over coffee generally yields a smoother, medium bodied and more balanced cuppa-joe. Use 14g fresh ground Milltown coffee beans per 230g (8oz) cup. The grind should be at a medium setting, which is about the size of coarse sand.

Supplies needed in addition to a bag of your favorite Milltown craft coffee:  pour kettle, gram scale, timer and burr grinder.

To brew the best V60 pour over coffee, from our house to yours:

  1. Place filter into V60 and pre-wet filter (this eliminates any paper taste in the cup)
  2. Pour your freshly ground Milltown coffee into the V60 and settle it so the coffee bed is even
  3. Place V60 onto decanter or your mug
  4. Place entire contraption onto your scale and tare
  5. Start timer and slowly pour 23g (10% of your total pour) of your 198-202 degree water over the grounds (just enough to cover the grounds)*
  6. Let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds; this lets CO2 escape which would repel water and not allow the fullest potential flavor in your cup
  7. At 0:30 seconds, slowly pour in a circular, clockwise motion up to 70g water and stop
  8. At 1:00 minute slowly pour the remaining water up to 230g onto the coffee bed in circular, clockwise motion
  9. Coffee should finish brewing at 2:30-2:45 minutes. If not, adjust grind accordingly or pour slower/faster.
  10. Compost your coffee grounds
  11. Pour into mug and enjoy immediately!

*A flow restrictor for your kettle is extremely helpful when pouring for the V60

For a full list of brewing guides, visit thirty-thirty Coffee Co.’s website. Comment below with your favorite brew @ home tips!


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