You are trucking along through life, doing the best you can. The daily grind is sometimes unbearable but it’s gotta be done. And some days, your personal best just isn’t great. Here are 10 ways Milltown’s craft coffee from thirty-thirty coffee co. can help!

1. You are hot when everyone else is cold. Why? There is no logical reason for it but something must be done. This is where the iced Americano shines! Order two if the situation calls for it. We won’t judge.

2. Your friend is mad at you. Again, you have no idea why. The Miel is the perfect way to say “I’m sorry” when your friend subscribes to the “actions speak louder than words” theory. Problem solved!

3. It’s Boss’s Day and you are fresh out of ideas. Your boss is pretty hard to please but you tend to like her anyway. Most days. Since she’s a DIYer at heart and has this great coffee machine in her office, so the clear choice is to get her some thirty-thirty coffee co. beans!

4. You feel extreme guilt every time you indulge in a dessert. Spring is coming, which means summer is right around the corner. But this is life and life deserves desserts! For this, you need the chocolate truffle latte. Let’s not get into the calorie count or the sugar content, just focus on the fact that you didn’t eat a Little Debbie zebra cake and you’ll feel much better about your life choice.

5. You’ve been adulting so hard that you’ve had little time for yourself. You find solace in creating but haven’t had the time to knit any scarves this winter or work on your home art projects. Why not try your hand at making your own pour over coffee? We have the instructions laid out for you in a previous blog!

6. Everyone you know is on a health kick. They “aren’t drinking” at the moment but you need to celebrate a birthday and birthday shots are required. Get Milltown-bound for espresso shots and then let everyone else order off the kiddie menu while you enjoy a Dirty Blonde Chocolate Ale (or three) from Great River Brewery. Because sometimes, libations are a must!

7. Everyone else you know drinks too much and you can’t hack one more night out going at their pace. Things never get too crazy at Milltown and we close by 8pm so you can get a good night’s rest after some quality time with your life-of-the-party friends and just a few libations rather than a college dorm supply.

8. You’ve been instructed you’re going on a date…against your will. Your friends are insisting and you agreed just to shut them up! You are sure it will be a disaster so you bring said date to Milltown because you figured out that we close at 8pm after you brought your life-of-the-party friends here. If you are wrong and the date goes well, call it a pre-game to the rest of a great night! If not, you have your out. You’re welcome.

9. You love your best friend, but when she orders pretty much anything from any menu, it’s always a scene from When Harry Met Sally. And she’s lactose intolerant to boot. We get it! And while the Quad Cities is coming around to great alternatives for those with food allergies (or those who are just picky!), the options are still a bit slim unless you know where to go. Bring your friend to Milltown Coffee, named after Moline, the city of mills, for coconut milk, almond milk or soy milk alternatives to the dairy that would make for a date with the bathroom instead of you.  

10. You want alone time but don’t know where to escape to on a budget! A coffee house, especially one on the Mississippi River with a grand wall of windows, is one place in which it is completely acceptable to hang out alone. The view would be enough to satisfy most. Wait, who are we kidding….coffee is the source of life. You can also call yourself a cheap date if you order the house coffee, which includes free refills. Wifi also included, but who needs it because really, that view though.

BONUS COFFEE HACK: You’ve absolutely done your personal best today. No, the trash didn’t get taken out and the kids barely got fed BUT it was your best and YOU did it. Pat yourself on the back with our newest mocha fresa latte. The kind of chocolate strawberry concoction you could take a bath in! Ooooh, a bath…

These might read more like excuses to indulge rather than hacks but beauty – and wisdom – are in the eye of the beholder. You are now set free to drink as much craft coffee as needed so that coping with life is that much a) more tolerable, b) better or c) all of the above!


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